Ware2Go recently hosted a data study across consumers and merchants to arm you with insights to build the most resilient 2024 fulfillment strategy.

Here’s what you need to know:

Most emerging brands (89%) are managing fulfillment inhouse, but it’s not working. It’s too difficult to navigate rising warehouse costs (79%) and labor management has become more time consuming (36%).

We learned that the future of fulfillment is asset light. Emerging brands want flexibility, scalability, and connective technology — without a large capital investment.

Future of Fulfillment Report

Download the report and build a more resilient & profitable supply chain in 2024

1. Reduce capital investment

2. Flexibility to scale with demand

3. Advanced tech & automation

“Expanding into marketplace sales, we decided to partner with best-in-class logistics support instead of adding more people, technology, and assets.”

Lee Siegel | CEO, ECR4Kids

Flexible. On-Demand.

100% Scalable.