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Ware2Go is simplifying the end-to-end supply chain across commerce to enable companies of all sizes to compete and grow.

How We're Different

Ware2Go, A UPS Company, is changing the traditional 3PL model to make 1-2-day delivery easy and affordable for all merchants. Ware2Go offers a nationwide network of certified warehouses and technology to streamline fulfillment across sales channels for a fully scalable and truly on-demand solution.

Your Team Making Growth Happen

Your Client Success Team

We are an extension of your team committed to supporting your business on a day-to-day basis.

Your Warehouse Management Team

Let us manage your warehousing workflows on your behalf so that every sale is an exceptional experience for your customers.

Your Supply Chain Experts

We’ll be advising and guiding your supply chain strategy so you can increase your bottom line and simplify your operations.

Our Leadership

Brian Gallagher

Chief Product & Technology Officer

Ron Dover

Chief Operating Officer

Christine Warren

Senior Vice President of Revenue and Client Services

Megan Tremblay

Vice President of Marketing

Kelton Kosik

Vice President of Supply Chain Operations

Taylor Robison

Vice President of Engineering & Architecture

Chris Dikes

Vice President of Product Management

The Ware2Go Team

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