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How Children’s Furniture Brand ECR4KIDS Launched D2C Sales

Commerce & Sales Channels
August 1, 2021
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When children’s furniture brand, ECR4Kids, recognized the opportunity to jumpstart direct-to-consumer sales via e-commerce, they learned quickly that their in-house fulfillment model was not equipped to meet D2C delivery expectations.

A Need in the Children’s Furniture Industry

ECR4Kids is a San Diego-based provider of children’s furniture and toy equipment that was founded by Lee Siegel in the early 2000’s. Having witnessed firsthand the exorbitant costs that schools were paying for their supplies and furniture while his own children attended daycare, Lee knew there was a need in the market for high-quality, low-cost children’s furniture and education tools. He soon founded ECR4Kids and began creating children’s furniture that was sold to daycares, schools, and wholesalers. In a few short years, Lee established a large and reputable network of B2B customers.ECR4Kids was growing rapidly, providing children’s furniture primarily to preschools and daycares, but Lee and ECR saw an opportunity to expand into direct-to-consumer sales, adopting a multichannel approach by listing their products on ecommerce marketplaces and adding an ecommerce shopping cart to their website.

Ware2Go enabled us to seamlessly expand our sales channels to accommodate a whole new tier of e-commerce customer. Now, we’re fulfilling orders through a variety of online marketplaces in two days, and Ware2Go provides a cost-effective solution for managing the entire process on our behalf.

Lee Siegel

A Leader in Children’s Furniture Delivery

Since the beginning ECR4Kids has been a leader within the children’s furniture industry. They had built in-house fulfillment operations that efficiently served their B2B client base. They owned and operated their own manufacturing facility in Mexico as well as distribution centers near Philadelphia, LA, and San Diego. Their warehouse distribution enabled them to meet the Time in Transit (TNT) expectations of their B2B customers, who were largely purchasing items during the summertime when they were preparing for the school-year.

When ECR4Kids launched into D2C sales, they directed most of their efforts towards optimizing their ecommerce sales channels and marketing efforts. They re-branded for their new D2C customer base, enhanced their ecommerce website, and added their products to ecommerce marketplaces like Amazon and Wayfair. Their assertion about the D2C children’s furniture market was right. There was, in fact, significant demand for their products among ecommerce shoppers, and their D2C sales channel quickly took off.However, ECR4Kids quickly learned that ecommerce shoppers across the board expect delivery within 1-2 days, and the children’s furniture industry is no exception. Their internal fulfillment and distribution operations were not built with this kind of turnaround time in mind, and they were struggling to keep up with demand. Amazon fulfillment was especially challenging, and they knew that if they wanted to grow their marketplace sales on Amazon and beyond, they needed to find a fulfillment partner that was fully capable of meeting those channels’ demands.

Key Supply Chain Improvements

Furniture Delivery Simplified

As ECRKids began evaluating outsourced fulfillment providers, their first priority was finding a partner that could meet consumer demands for 1 to 2-day delivery across all of their sales channels. They had many of the pieces in place to build out faster fulfillment capabilities internally but didn’t think that continuing to scale their in-house fulfillment would be the best use of their resources. Since launching their D2C sales channel, they had also seen an influx in customer support tickets and a growing need for product development. They wanted to keep their team focused on those core competencies without having to direct more time and energy into their fulfillment operations.

When ECR4Kids came to Ware2Go, they were very interested in their “on-demand” warehousing model. With Ware2Go they would be able to scale their fulfillment operations as-needed and most importantly achieve 1 to 2-day delivery across all of their sales channels with Ware2Go’s distributed warehouse network. In 2018, ECR4Kids chose to outsource their D2C fulfillment to Ware2Go, keeping their B2B shipments in-house. They moved into three warehouses in the Ware2Go network to acheive 2-day delivery coverage for 97% of the nation across all their e-commerce channels.

ECR4Kids quickly saw that there were benefits to their partnership with Ware2Go beyond meeting ecommerce shipping expectations. Ware2Go’s fulfillment platform allowed them to manage all of their sales channels through a single dashboard, keeping a close eye on inventory levels, fulfillment and delivery statuses, and performance by channel. They also found that Ware2Go’s automated last mile carrier tracking cut back on their customer interactions and freed up their customer service team for more serious inquiries.

Shortly after outsourcing their D2C fulfillment to Ware2Go, ECR4Kids saw that the simplicity of their solution would benefit all of their sales channels. They saw that if they relied on Ware2Go as their furniture delivery experts, they could focus their time on being the product, sales, and customer service experts. They quickly made the decision to close all of their internal fulfillment operations and onboard all of their business with Ware2Go.

Lee Siegel values the simplicity of the Ware2Go solution, knowing that the platform is fully scalable and works across all sales channels. He knows that as ECR4Kids continues to grow, they will live up to their reputation not only as a leader in quality and value within the children’s furniture market but also as a leader in customer satisfaction and speed to delivery.

The W2G Value-Add

  • Significant Cost Savings. Through Ware2Go, ECR is saving 30% on shipping expenses and has also freed up ~$700,000 annually by exiting a warehouse they previously leased.
  • Effortless E-Commerce Fulfillment. Ware2Go manages the entire e-commerce warehousing and fulfillment process across all of ECR’s online channels, including marketplaces like Amazon.
  • Expedited Delivery. Ware2Go provides guaranteed 1-2-day delivery speeds on e-commerce orders; this has proven vital to ECR for maintaining their Amazon “Prime” status.

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