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How The Cushion Lab Grew Sales by 9x

November 8, 2023
2 min read

With a scalable fulfillment solution, The Cushion Lab knew their supply chain could meet an influx in demand.

The Cushion Lab creates comfort-inducing products from pillows to seat cushions to neck pillows with the goal of increasing positivity and productivity. 

The Cushion Lab founder, Mike, built a marketing flywheel by leveraging social media advertising, Amazon marketplace, and influencer partnerships that drove 9x growth in sales volume year over year.

The Cushion Lab realized that they could only continue their rapid growth if they had the supply chain to support it. They needed a fulfillment partner that could scale up quickly but didn’t require a large upfront investment.

Cushion Lab knew that Ware2Go’s flexible, pay-as-you-go fulfillment model was the perfect solution to support their rapid growth while still allowing them to reinvest as much capital as possible back into their business.

With Ware2Go’s fully scalable solution, Cushion Lab knows they can double down on their most successful marketing efforts without being limited by their supply chain.

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