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How 100 Thieves Surprised Over a Million Fans with a Brand New Product Line

February 28, 2023
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100 Thieves needed a flexible fulfillment solution to deliver their highly-anticipated new energy drink to anxious fans across the country.

“Take What’s Not Given”

Matt “Nadeshot” Haag, CEO of gaming and lifestyle brand 100 Thieves, knew that energy drinks needed to be buffed. During his years as a professional gamer he had relied on energy drinks to power him through Call of Duty tournaments and before that, through overnight drive-thru shifts.

In that time, he saw a major opportunity in the beverage industry to make a healthier energy drink that actually tasted good. More than that, Haag wanted to build something that was created for and by the gaming community.

The 100 Thieves mantra, “Take What’s Not Given” is a call to work hard for the things you want. 100 Thieves gaming teams are known for responding quickly in moments of pressure – sometimes pulling out a win when it’s least expected.

So Haag took it upon himself to change what he saw was wrong with energy drinks. He partnered with long-time beverage industry veteran, Sam Keene, to build a new kind of energy drink – Juvee.

Not Just Another Influencer Brand

Many influencer-led brands are white labeled. Influencers will slap a logo on an existing product and shell it out to fans. The 100 Thieves team, on the other hand, was committed to making Juvee a product they were proud of – one that they built from the ground up.

Haag and Keene oversaw the creation of the formula, going through several rounds of taste tests. They chose the packaging and oversaw the website build, and they knew that the final step of getting Juvee into fans’ hands would be key to creating a winning experience.

They needed a fulfillment partner that could act fast. They planned to keep the new product a secret until it was live – announcing it on Twitch the moment it was available. Knowing the loyalty of their fan base, they expected tens of thousands of orders to pour in as soon as the announcement dropped.

A High Velocity Fulfillment Partner

When Haag and Keene met Ware2Go, they knew they had found a partner with the expertise to launch their product quickly and deliver every package with the same speed and reliability, no matter how fast the orders poured in.

Ware2Go’s simple Shopify integration connected Juvee’s storefront to their Warehouse Management System (WMS) to automatically drop orders to the warehouse.

And by distributing their inventory across three Ware2Go warehouses, Juvee could deliver to 95% of their customers with 1- to 2-day ground shipping. Although they’re based in LA, 60% of their customers are on the East Coast, and they knew they couldn’t ask those shoppers to wait 5-6 days for their shipments while West Coast customers were already trying out the product.

Making a Splash

100 Thieves built up a great deal of anticipation around Juvee’s October 4th launch date. In the first days, thousands of orders poured in and immediately shipped out. Even with the high order velocity, Ware2Go maintained an average fulfillment time of 8 hours.

Flexibility to Test and React

Fans loved Juvee as much as Haag and Keene expected. Long-time energy drink enthusiasts swore it was the first truly delicious energy drink they had ever tasted. They also loved how fast they received their orders, with nearly 30% of them re-ordering within a week – a clear sign of customer satisfaction.

As with any launch, Haag and Keene quickly learned more about their customers’ shopping patterns. They realized that shoppers wanted a way to try all of the flavors without having to commit to a full 12-pack of each.

True to their mantra to Take What’s Not Given, they pivoted quickly and added an entire new SKU to their catalog, a 3-flavor variety pack, less than a month after their initial launch. Ware2Go’s technology gave them visibility into their inventory levels at each location, and flexible agreements allowed them to pull product out of their warehouses, re-package them into a variety pack, and start fulfilling the new SKU immediately.

More Ways to Buy More Products

As Juvee continues to build a brand for and by their community, they have the flexibility to introduce new products and the confidence to market them boldly. Astheir sales strategy expands to include brick and mortar channels, Ware2Go’s multichannel fulfillment capabilities will enable them to orchestrate B2B ecommerce orders and fulfill their direct to consumer and retail orders through a single, simplified network.

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