Your Seller Fulfilled Prime Solution

Build Your Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) Network to Meet Amazon’s New Standards


Ware2Go’s new SFP offering provides sellers a flexible solution that enables them to maintain their Prime badge across a ground-delivery network while also scaling additional sales channels through a single provider and network.

What’s Changed with Amazon SFP

Weekend Fulfillment Requirements

Sellers are now required to support weekend fulfillment and order pickup within their SFP network as shipping speeds are now measured by calendar days vs business days.

New 1 and 2-Day
Delivery Promise

Delivery promises are now measured by time in transit days and compliance is based on the percentage of page views that display a 1 or 2-day delivery promise.

Regional Coverage
for Oversized Only

Amazon standard items must now support nationwide 1 to 2-day delivery while oversized items (greater than 20 lbs or 18″) can support a regional SFP network

How We’re Solving For Seller Fulfilled Prime

A configurable fulfillment network to meet Amazon’s new delivery requirements.

Optimizing your network for 1-day delivery ensures page view metrics are met regardless of order cut-off time or the day of the week a purchase was made.

Configure a custom network of up to 13 warehouses to meet nationwide requirements for standard-sized products or build a regional network for oversized-products.

Achieve 75% nationwide coverage with as few as 5 Ware2Go warehouses, or build a custom network to reach only your most profitable region.

Our network analysis includes assessment of time and day order distribution to ensure calendar day delivery promises are met.

Configure a network based on your product size and profitability to prioritize ground shipments over next-day air.

“The transition to the new Seller Fulfilled Prime has felt seamless. Ware2Go guided us on the best network configuration for our business and enabled us to stay compliant with Amazon’s new requirements from day one.”

Mounir Ouhadi

Chief Supply Chain Officer

Oversized vs Standard SFP

Amazon has different requirements for oversized products vs standard products. Oversized products categories may establish a regional network to meet their best customers with a Prime badge. 

Configure Your Regional Network

Ware2Go offers 13 SFP warehouses with Saturday fulfillment and 1-2 day coverage. We’ve built tools to show you how to configure your regional SFP strategy to serve your most profitable geographies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Amazon’s new SFP requirements include enhanced 1 and 2-day delivery promises, weekend fulfillment requirements, and nationwide coverage for standard-sized items.  Within the new requirements, Amazon has differentiated 1 and 2-day delivery requirements for standard sized products versus oversized products (>20 lbs or >18″ on any side) and compliance is based on Amazon page views rather than actual delivery performance. 

The Seller Fulfilled Prime program gives sellers Prime status and benefits, including customer service support from Amazon, but orders are packed and shipped by the seller from their own fulfillment centers. Many merchants chose to use SFP to maintain control of their warehousing and shipping workflows and to consolidate fulfillment across all sales channels. 

Merchants enrolled in the Seller Fulfilled Prime program that sell oversized products (defined by Amazon as >20 lbs. or >18″ on any side) may specify which geographical regions they want to serve with their Prime badge and are only required to meet the new Amazon SFP requirements for 1-2 day delivery promises in those regions. Regional SFP gives merchants the flexibility to meet their most profitable customers with the Prime badge.

Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime requires an application and trial period. As long as your fulfillment workflows can meet the requirements for on-time delivery, the program is fairly simple. As orders are made in your Amazon shop, your fulfillment workflows will be triggered to process, pick, pack, and ship the orders just as they would with any eCommerce orders. Amazon monitors on-time delivery percent to ensure compliance with the program and maintain your Prime badge status.

Amazon considers an item oversized if it weighs more than 20 pounds or ship in a box that is longer than 18 inches on any single size.