Sustainability in the Final Mile

Research shows that 66% of consumers want retailers to improve sustainability efforts.

The Road To Sustainability

In this report from Ware2Go, you’ll learn best practices  to reduce your  brand’s environmental impact in today’s omnichannel environment: 

1. Reduce carbon emissions

2. Carbon offset strategies

3. Attract customers with your sustainability promise

Sustainability in the Final Mile

Download the report and learn how to make a positive environmental impact while meeting consumer expectations. 

O2 exists to be a force for positive change, but as we’ve grown, so has our carbon impact. Through this initiative, Ware2Go has made it easy for us to achieve both carbon neutrality and 2-day shipping, which are both very important to us and our customers.”
Dave Colina, CEO at O2 Recovery


How to Ship More Sustainably: 3 Simple Tips

Today’s consumers care about sustainable shipping. In fact 60% of consumers report that they are more likely to make a purchase when a sustainable shipping option is available. Learn how you can ship more sustainably to meet customer expectations and reduce your carbon footprint.

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Carbon Neutral Shipping

Carbon Offset Shipping Ware2Go, A UPS Company, offers outsourced warehousing & fulfillment with 2-day shipping guarantees- all within a 100% carbon offset shipping network. Our CO2 Offset Initiative At Ware2Go we offset all CO2 emissions from small parcel, LTL, FTL, and air shipments on behalf of our

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