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Beyond BFCM: How to Drive Sales Throughout the Holidays

Commerce & Sales Channels
October 15, 2020
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BFCM (Black Friday/Cyber Monday) may get all the media attention, but it’s really only the beginning of the holiday shopping season. These tips will help you drive sales through the entire holiday season.

BFCM (Black Friday/Cyber Monday) Is Just the Beginning

This year’s holiday shopping season will start earlier and last longer. The delayed launch of Amazon Prime Day means that peak season begins on October 13, a full 6 weeks ahead of BFCM, the traditional kick-off to the holiday shopping season.

Although BFCM has historically been lauded as the most profitable weekend of peak season, it’s only the beginning of holiday sales for most merchants. In fact, 54% of holiday shopping is usually completed in the 4 weeks between Black Friday and Christmas day.

72 percent of merchants to start sales earlier, over 60 percent to begin October or earlier before BFCM

BFCM Attracts Bargain Shoppers — Late Holidays, Convenience Shoppers

Last minute shoppers are more likely to stray from their favorite brands to try out new merchants, drawn by convenient offerings like an easy returns process and fast, affordable shipping. Attracting these convenience shoppers by advertising your excellent customer service and speedy delivery will be key to driving revenue in the last few weeks of the holiday shopping season.

Attract post-BFCM shoppers with ads, easy returns, gift cards, easy gift ideas, 2 day shipping, advertising fast shipping

Although all of these tactics are effective in attracting last-minute shoppers, merchants indicated in a recent survey that shipping promises were most effective in actually converting shoppers.

Free or 1 to 2 day shipping promises are more effective in driving cart conversions than free gifts or discounts

Marketing Post BFCM

Consumers shopping online in the final weeks before the holidays will have delivery times top-of-mind. When crafting your paid ads and email campaigns, try to advertise order deadlines in your copy. This will create a sense of urgency in shoppers, especially if you can include the number of shopping days left at strategic points in your campaign. Feel free to set your own deadlines based off of major shipping carriers’ schedules and your fulfillment partner’s service agreements.

Customer expectations around delivery are particularly high around the holidays. Meeting the delivery promises you made in your post-BFCM marketing campaign can mean the difference between a customer interaction gone sour (in the form of bad reviews and avoidable returns) and a loyal customer who recommends your brand to friends and family and on social media.

70 percent of shoppers won’t return after a bad delivery experience. 98 percent say delivery affects brand loyalty.

Leveraging Seasonal Sales for Long-Term Growth

The weeks between BFCM and Christmas are a great opportunity to attract new customers with convenient purchase options and speedy delivery. But the real opportunity is wow-ing those new customers for increased customer retention and brand equity. Increasingly, customers expect affordable 2-day shipping from merchants of all size.

2 day shipping outcomes: 59 percent more repeat customers, 39 percent better reviews, 22 percent beat out competition

To learn more about how Ware2Go is helping merchants of all sizes compete with 2-day shipping guarantees, take a look at Our Solution.

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