2023 eCommerce Marketplace Report

89% of consumers comparison shop on 2 or more marketplaces before making a purchase.

Develop A Multichannel Strategy

Download the report to learn how to stand out from competitors by considering the end-to-end customer experience across multiple marketplaces. Brands must have:

1. A multichannel presence to drive brand awareness

2. A multichannel fulfillment solution that provides the same customer experience across all channels

2023 eCommerce Marketplace Report

Download the report to learn how to capture consumer demand in a multichannel sales environment.

As we bring our brand to consumers on different channels, Ware2Go sits at the bottom of my stack, so I have the ability to funnel all customer experiences to one customer shipping experience with 1-2 day shipping, which makes me beat my competition.”
Sara Mader, CEO Palouse Brand


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